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Learn more. Geoff Grantham. Methods used:. Content uploaded by Geoff Grantham. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Geoff Grantham on Jan 16, Content may be subject to copyright.

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Grantham et al. In the area of the Borgmassivet the Archaean craton is overlain by undeformed Proterozoic shallow marine and limno-fluvial sediments and volcanic rocks Wolmarans and Kent Full-text available. May Int J Earth Sci. Three discontinuity-bounded Grenville-aged terranes have been recognized namely from north to south the Kottas, Uletse sesso and Vardeklettane terranes.

Uletse sesso older basement upon which the protoliths of these older gneisses were deposited has been recognized. The Vardeklettane terrane is characterized by abundant charnockites and two-pyroxene granulite facies parageneses in metabasites, whereas the Sivorg and Kottas terranes were metamorphosed to amphibolite facies grade. Regional greenschist retrogression of high-grade assemblages may be of Pan-African age.

This is manifest as early, gently uletse sesso thrust-related shear fabrics D1succeeded by the initiation of an important D2 steep dextral uletse sesso zone Heimefront shear zone, HSZduring which the early fabrics and structures were steepened and rotated in an anticlockwise sense. The HSZ is a curvilinear structure which changes from a dextral oblique strike-slip lateral ramp uletse sesso the north to a steep dip-slip frontal ramp in the south, where it forms the boundary between the Sivorg and Vardeklettane terranes.

The two other plutons associated with uletse sesso Jutulstraumen are the Straumsvola nepheline syenite complex, and the Tvora quartz syenite complex, which crop out close together just to the east of the Jutulstraumen, some km to the north of Sistefjell Figure1. Mesozoic basalts, which are thought to represent the Antarctic extension of the Karoo volcanic province, crop out at the southwestern end of the Kirwanveggen. The Sistefjell intrusion is approximately 10km in diameter and is the largest Mesozoic pluton in uletse sesso Dronning Maud Land.

Associated sills and dykes include microsyenite, quartz porphyry and microgranite. The variation in chemical composition of these rocks is largely consistent with fractional crystallization. The only exposed country rock, the undeformed late-Precambrian? Older high-temperattore 40ArAr ages are consistent with a much older age for the Sistenup lavas.

Two stages of contamination are required involving, firstly, the dominant metamorphic rocks in the area and, secondly, the Sistenup lavas. This belt and its postulated extensions, are thought to form part of a greater network of Mesoproterozoic Grenvillian-aged belts which have been used to help define the configuration of the Meso-to Neo-Proterozoic supercontinent, Rodinia. Geochronological and isotopic constraints on the Mesoproterozoic Namaqua-Natal Belt: Evidence from deep borehole intersections in South Africa.

Mesoproterozoic lithologies of uletse sesso Namaqua—Natal Belt are exposed in the west uletse sesso east of South Africa but the central section of the belt is obscured by younger sedimentary cover.

This belt is one of uletse sesso Grenvillian-aged belts world-wide and is of importance in reconstructions of the Meso-to Neo-Proterozoic supercontinent of Rodinia.

Model dates are similar to those noted in the Bushmanland and Richtersveld Sub-provinces of the western Namaqua sector of the Belt. The results are interpreted to indicate that this Proterozoic crust may be an easterly extension of the Bushmanland Sub-province or some equivalent terrane and that there must be a terrane boundary between the eastern-most borehole studied and the surface outcrops further east.

The other Mesozoic igneous rocks of this area of Antarctica are the Kirwan basalts Harris et al. Hjelle ; Grantham et al, The DML regional dykes are compositionally more akin uletse sesso those of southern Africa than the widespread Jurassic tholeites of the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. The range in incompatible element concentrations is considerable e. Zr 40— ppm and shows little correlation with MgO content. Uletse sesso minority of the more evolved dykes are compositionally similar to the nearby Kirwan basalts, but the majority cannot be related to the Kirwan basalts by any simple petrogenetic process as they contain higher concentrations of incompatible elements and have higher Mg-numbers.

The HTZ dolerites occur in the part of Dronning Maud Land which appears to have been tectonically stable since the Archaean and are not found to intrude the surrounding high-grade about Ma metamorphic rocks of the Sverdrup Group.

These data provide qualified support for models which seek to relate spatially the HTZ Mesozoic basalt types of Gondwana to sources beneath stable Archaean cratons. Post-tectonic plutons, sheets and dykes of monzogranitic composition Brattskarvet Suite are widespread. Five phases of deformation D 1 —D 5 have been recognized Grantham et al. Sverdrupfjella, East Antarctica. WS Board. Extensive high-grade polydeformed metamorphic provinces surrounding Archaean cratonic nuclei in the East Antarctic Shield record two tectono-thermal episodes in late Mesoproterozoic and late Neoproterozoic—Cambrian times.

In Western Dronning Maud Land, the high-grade Mesoproterozoic Maud Belt is juxtaposed against uletse sesso Archaean Grunehogna Province and has traditionally been interpreted as a Grenvillian mobile belt that was thermally overprinted during uletse sesso Early Palaeozoic. Integration of new U—Pb sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe and conventional single zircon and monazite age data, and Ar—Ar data on hornblende and biotite, with thermobarometric calculations on rocks from the H.

Sverdrupfjella, northern Maud Belt, resulted in a more complex P — T — uletse sesso evolution than previously assumed. Post-peak metamorphic K-metasomatism under amphibolite-facies conditions is uletse sesso to the intrusion of post-orogenic granite at c. The recognition of extensive Pan-African tectonism uletse sesso the Maud Belt casts doubts uletse sesso previous Rodinia reconstructions, in which this belt takes a pivotal position between East Antarctica, the Kalahari Craton and Laurentia.

Evidence of late Mesoproterozoic high-grade metamorphism during the formation of the Maud Belt exists in uletse sesso form of c. The polymetamorphic rocks are largely uletse sesso from a c. Pan-African reactivation of the Uletse sesso segment uletse sesso the Kibaran Belt system: A reappraisal from recent age determinations in northern Mozambique. Apr J Afr Earth Sci. The role of the Uletse sesso Belt in northern Mozambique, and the geological evolution of its foreland in uletse sesso Proterozoic are discussed in the light of recent, single zircon uletse sesso determinations showing Pan-African uletse sesso for the granulite-facies metamorphism.